Why Facebook Messenger Chatbots have won the battle for our attention and how you can take advantage


A few years ago, I thought about what getting in early on Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing would have meant to my business.

When I started my Consulting Agency RoyalWood Media, I was always thinking of ways we could differentiate ourselves from the competition. Trying to solve the problems our clients were facing and providing as much value as we could.

Starting a new business meant daily growing pains, constant struggles, and the massive success I had envisioned for my business seemed distant.

I knew this was part of the process and there was no way I was going to let the daily struggles I knew all entrepreneurs faced in this position let me lose sight of the vision I was working towards.

I decided early that I wasn’t going to be the agency that offered a la carte services. The problem was finding the one or two services that solved the biggest problems that wasn’t already saturating the marketplace.

Fast forward a few years with the arrival of…..

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

This marketing tool that is revolutionizing the way customers and brands communicate with each other.

Once I understood what Messenger Chatbots were and how Messenger Marketing works, I went all in. This marketing tool is rewarding businesses who are forward thinking, early adopters in an untapped market where the possibilities are vast and untapped.

The biggest hurdle. Getting businesses and brands to dive head first into a marketplace that has all of their customers already in it. I realize how silly that sounds, but with any new marketing tool it takes time for the masses to adopt it.

‘We’re already doing Social Media’

‘I already have a website Chatbot’

‘Last thing I need for my business is another tool for me to manage’

I hear these responses and a long list of others from businesses and brands when trying to explain the impact Facebook Messenger Chatbots can have on their business.

The way that customers communicate with a business or brands are changing. Messenger Chabots are a direct reflection of how the market is adapting to this.

‘But what are Messenger Chatbots?’

In its simplest form, Messenger Chatbots are an automated way for businesses and customers to connect with each other by leveraging chat to initiate conversations.

‘That’s great, but how does this apply to my business?’

Say you send a message to your customer on Facebook Messenger, more people will interact, read and open it over any other direct marketing approach.

Your messages can be live or automated. With Messenger it feels more like a fluid conversation as opposed to a slow back and forth that email has to offer.

The ability to personalize your Chatbot with images, text, GIF’s are all part of the reason that more and more people are choosing Messenger as their desired location to interact with their favourite brands and businesses.

You may be surprised to hear that messaging apps have surpassed social networks for monthly active users. As a marketing channel, Messenger Chatbots are providing better engagement than any other channel out there.

Email, social media, push notification, etc, are all taking a back seat to Messenger when it comes to connecting with your customers and prospects. Messenger boasts some of the highest open and click through rates.

The cool part — When someone interacts with your Chatbot, they become subscribed, just like email (and can unsubscribe just as easily). You can send them content, products, provide specific calls to action that are all native to the Messenger platform. The possibilities here are endless.

Imagine you want to get your car serviced. You schedule the appointment through the dealership’s Chatbot. After your servicing is complete, the Chatbot asks you to rate your experience by clicking the button that corresponds to service you received. In this case you choose between 1–5. Say you choose 1 because you had a bad experience. The Chatbot then prompts you to give some feedback about the issue and at the end of the conversation sends you a coupon for a 10% discount on your next service appointment to help rectify your bad experience. Did I mention this entire conversation was automated!

Case studies like this are what is in store for the future of Messenger Marketing.

As a business, you can easily sort and segment the data to enhance your marketing initiatives and double down on what’s working and tweak what needs to be fixed.

Messenger Chatbots have the immense potential for businesses to scale, reduce costs, and create deep meaningful relationships with their customers.

This is the reason brands and businesses are already implementing Messenger Chatbots in their marketing initiatives. Brands such as KAYAK, CNN, and Tommy Hilfiger are already relying on Messenger Marketing to reach their customers, enhance customer experience and generate revenue through automated means.

The bot revolution is still in its infancy, but with 1.3 Billion Monthly Active Users and 2 Billion messages sent per month on Facebook, the time be where your customers already are, is now.

So, ask yourself this. ‘What would it mean to your business to be an early adopter of Facebook Messenger Marketing?


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